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Tips and Tricks

In this section, you will find some answers to the most frequent questions asked during project realization. You will also find useful advices based on observations that I made while experimenting with the produts..

  1. Faux stained glass: rubbing alcohol and special effects
  2. Vitrail and Ceramic paints
  3. Recommended cotton swabs
  4. High Gloss finish: how do they work?
  5. Trick to open an acrylic paint bottle
  6. Faux stained glass: where to find glasses and frames?
  7. Faux stained glass: Questions answered!
  8. Napkin transfer technique: what products can be used?
  9. Dust... free!
  10. Is faux stained glass weatherproof?
  11. Is faux stained glass on wood weatherproof?
  12. Glass and china paints - explained!