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Is faux stained glass on wood weatherproof?

Faux stained glass on wood is a fairly recent affair... I am not aware of any data about how well it survives outside wheather.

I actually count on you to test it out!

My opinion is that its durability will vary depending if you expose your project to wind, sun, and rain or if you place it where it is fairly protected.

At a minimum, I recommend to protect it with a varnish or, at a minimum, with Vitrail medium from Pebeo. You should also consider UV resistant varnish if your project will be exposed to direct sunlight.

I believe (but have not tested it) that the project will resist cold winter weather. Faux stained glass on wood is tougher than faux stained glass on glass.

Let me know about your experimentations and I will share your findings!

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