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Is faux stained glass weatherproof?

Faux stained glass projects on glass or plexiglas using Pebeo Vitrail paint are intended to remain inside. This is craft work afterall.

If you would like to expose your project outside, there is no warranty that it will remain intact. I guess it all depends if you expose it to rain and direct sunlight or not.

Since the paint will peel-off if immersed in water, I expect the same thing to happen to your project if placed outside.

Now, at a minimum I would:

  • Coat it with UV resistant varnish, especially if your project will be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Bring it inside for the winter season, especially if temperature falls below freezing point.
  • Consider to re-paint, as needed, colors altered by the sun's exposure.

This is why I never recommend to paint directly on an outside window.

In any case, share your experiments! Let me know about your successes and failures and I will share them here.

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