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Expositions and Events

Here are some souvenirs from the
" Salon des arts et loisirs créatifs 2014"

November 23, 2013
Montréal, Quebec, Canada

My new Faux-vitrail book!

Here are some souvenirs from the
Salon des arts et loisirs créatifs 2013"

Welcome to my booth!

What is your favorite pattern packet?

25 projects to do in my book!

41st Society of Decorative Painters
Convention - Chicago
(Pebeo stand)
May, 13-18, 2013


Demonstration Faux-vitrail techniques with Vitrail, Moon and Prisme products.


Here are some souvenirs from the
Coast to Coast Events 2013!

Groupe Texture on glass! (Faux-vitrail)

Groupe Faux-vitrail (Textures and colors): "Rose"

Me and Audrey de Jong

Just before students arrive

In action!

Translator: Nancy Maxsom and Sylvie Chenier
Thank you so much! You are my angels!

Draw winners

... ...
Texture on glass
Pébéo Vitrail Kit: Jackie Pearce
DVD Faux-Vitrail: Kim Seys
Pattern: Debbie McDonald

... ...
Faux-vitrail (Rose)
Pébéo Vitrail Kit: Josie Elises
DVD Faux-Vitrail: Anita Soloy

Congratulations to you all!

Here are some souvenirs from the
Coast to Coast Events

May 5-6-7 2012
Mississauga, Ontario

Julie was available in person to address your questions regarding
the growing-in-popularity Faux Vitrail (Faux stained glass).
She demonstrated some of the techniques and made
available her various publications on the subject,
including her complete course on DVD and detailed pattern packets.

Julie Lafaille with Angela Scherz (Pébéo)

Julie Lafaille with Johanne Zenga (Pébéo)

Julie Lafaille with Tracy Moreau.


Julie Lafaille's work presented by Angela Scherz
from Pebeo at Coast2Coast 2012

Cliquer l'image pour voir le vidéo (youtube)

Julie Lafaille's Faux Vitrail pattern packets
presented by Angela Scherz from Pebeo at C2C 2012


Angela Scherz from Pébéo introducing Julie Lafaille
at Coast2Coast 2012 Decorative Art Convention in Toronto.

Diffuzart exposition 2011

Julie's demos

Salon des arts décoratifs 2010
October 15th through 17th


Here are some souvenirs from the workshop
I delivered as well as the booth...

Faux stained glass on wood workshop:
"Bienvenue chez nous! D-02"

Pébéo Vitrail Kit ............................................---------DVD#2 Techniques de faux vitrail2
Winner: Claudette Lachapelle, Mascouche (left)(le- Winner: Johanne Dubreuil, Brossard

Students at work... and very focused !!!

Special sponsors:
Thank you to Pébéo for providing the Vitrail paint to the students.
Thank you to Diffuzart
for the pattern packets and for the gift kits graciously
offered to the students

At the booth # 42, launching 2 new DVDs: DVD - Faux Vitrail Techniques (English)
and DVD#2 Faux Vitrail on other surfaces (French version)

Salon des arts décoratifs 2009
Octobre 16th through 17th 2009
Hôtel Mortagne | 1228, rue Nobel, Boucherville, Québec

At the booth # 42, launching my first DVD!!:
DVD#1 - Faux Vitrail Technique (in French)

Exposition Passion Couleurs September 26-27-28 2008
Place Bonaventure, Montréal (no pictures)

Salon BricoExpo2008 !