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Julie Lafaille
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Julie Lafaille is a designer and teacher of decorative art. A graphic artist and computer graphics artist by trade, she launched her own collection of patterns: “Des idées plein la tête!”. Julie has created over 46 instruction packets.

The collection "Des idées plein la tête!" or "Julie's Crafting Ideas" is distributed by Diffuzart (already more than 10 000 pattern packets sold in Québec)


These unique instruction packets are extremely detailed and combine several mediums and artistic techniques such as: faux stained glass on glass, on canvas and wood, decorative painting, collage techniques, texture and modeling paste and many more. These patterns are perfect for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert!

Julie is also the author of the Faux Stained Glass Techniques DVD #1 and #2 where she covers more than 40 tricks and techniques to realize spectacular effects using the Vitrail products from Pébéo.

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A- DVD1- Faux Vitrail Techniques (on glass and plexiglass) (English version)
B- DVD1- Techniques de faux-vitrail (sur verre, transparence) (in French)
C- DVD2- Techniques de faux-vitrail 2 (sur autres surfaces, bois-toile-miroir) (in French)


Julie's Books

Stained Glass Painting
Create the look of stained glass, the easy way
Julie Lafaille

ISBN 9780811714198

Mix media, Pebeo, Vitrail

Stained glass Painting (#1 - #2) (Faux-vitrail)
Julie Lafaille

Always searching for new ideas and fond of textures and mixed effects, she loves combining products and textures to create surprising and ingenious effects. Julie devotes her time to creating various projects (magazines and personal publications), testing products and teaching her discoveries.

Through her searches, she has discovered that it was quite interesting to use the "Vitrail" paint to other non-conventional surfaces such as wood and canvas. So were discovered the famous techniques that were named "Faux Stained Glass on wood" and "Faux Stained Glass on canvas"... a must see!


She specialises in the following fields:

  • Faux stained glass on glass
  • Faux stained glass on wood
  • Faux stained glass on canvas
  • Mixed techniques (paint, mediums, texture paste, etc.)
  • Tole painting (beginners)
  • Scrapbooking
  • Painting on glass and porcelain
  • Decorative napkins

Other publications (in french):

Other collaborations :

  • Contributed to the magazine Yoopa! (TVA) (2013).
  • Contributed to the electronic magazine Le Diffuzart (
  • Special contribution to the magazine Coup de pinceau (spring 2009).
  • Contributed to a few magazine À vos pinceaux (2009-2010-2011-2012).
  • Contributed to the magazine Création et Déco, a crafting magazine available in Québec. Various funny projects to realize.

Discovering Arts in Canada is pleased to present our second article about Julie Lafaille’s designs and patterns. .... pdf

Discovering Arts in Canada met a designer at the Coast to Coast Creative Arts convention that was held in Mississauga, May 2012. Your Art Product Team is pleased to have the opportunity to review one of her products, entitled Faux Vitrail Techniques
(on glass and plexiglass) DVD #1.
.... pdf

You can reach Julie at
English Page Facebook: Julie's crafting ideas - page
Groupe Facebook (in french): Des idées plein la tête
Page Facebook (in french): Des idées plein la tête - page